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One Company - Two Solutions


Haematologic Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, is a primary manufacturer that specializes in the isolation and characterization of high quality, plasma proteins which are intended for in vitro research use. HT’s emphasis is focused on proteins involved in the coagulation cascade, as well as the regulation of bone metabolism. The HT product line consists of over 150 highly purified and well-characterized proteins including zymogens, enzymes, cofactors, and inhibitors as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Also available are factor deficient plasmas and customized, blood collection tubes made-to-order for clinical research. Services available include custom protein purification, protein modification, assay development, contract manufacturing and contract research. Please view our 3-minute video above.


The mission of Haematologic Technologies is to supply the international coagulation research community with the highest quality proteins and reagents attainable. We strive to make continuous advancements in our manufacturing and quality control processes to ensure the superiority of our products to those of our competitors. HT also endeavors to be on the cutting edge of coagulation research through in-house efforts and the formation of strategic relationships with firms at the top of thrombosis and hemostasis research.


Haematologic Technologies differentiates itself from its competitors by three main factors: excellent technical service, intellectual resources and custom manufacturing and research. HT’s marquee difference is its technical service department, which strives to give customers unparalleled service for our products and their uses. When customers and distributors call with technical concerns, they can speak to a Ph.D. scientist that is actually involved with the manufacture of the product. Often, our technical service personnel go above and beyond the expected to provide customers with recommendations for their experimental problems, experimental design and procedural assistance. HT feels that this type of relationship with its customers is the key to our success, and we will always provide this level of service to any of our customers.

Quality Policy

"Haematologic Technologies is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, and to the continual improvement of its products, services and quality management system." For a copy of our ISO certificate please click here.