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Our updated eCommerce platform will be completed soon. Thank you for your patience.

Generate a quote (U.S. customers only)

How to generate a quote (for U.S. customers only)

For those customers who need a quote to provide to their accounting department for pre-purchase approval, you may do so through our website. At this time, this feature is only available to customers within the United States.

Generating a quote can be done by selecting individual products, and selecting "Add to Cart" using the bright, red button at the bottom of the product list on each page. When you have selected all of the products you need, select the Cart icon at the top of the page. Once in the Cart you may proceed with ordering or press the "View as Quote" button on the right side of the cart. You may then select the option to download the quote as a PDF, or have the quote emailed to you. Please note that the shipping/handling charges are not on the quote — only a statement giving the approximate range of the cost is provided. Until a package is packed, weighed and entered into the FedEx system we do not know the exact cost of the shipment. If you need the exact amount, please call us for a quote.