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Factor Deficient Plasmas

Deficient Plasmas
Haematologic Technologies factor deficient plasmas are for RESEARCH USE ONLY or for further manufacture into in vitro diagnostic reagents. Our deficient plasmas are manufactured from normal, citrated human plasma, and are immunodepleted of the appropriate antigen. One exception is factor VIII deficient, which is chemically depleted of factor VIII activity while retaining normal antigen content (i.e. CRIM+ plasma). Each plasma is then fully assayed to ensure the proper activity of the remaining factors (>50% activity), and is tested for fibrinogen, PT, aPTT, and clarity values.

The deficient plasmas currently available are factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and ATIII and are available in 1 mL and 50 mL vials for research applications. Please inquire about bulk quantities.

Haematologic Technologies deficient plasmas are shipped frozen on dry ice, and have a five (5)-year expiration when stored continuously at -70oC.

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  1. Smith, S., Blood. 2008 112: 2810-2816 (Prothrombin deficient)
  2. Tucker, E., et al., Blood. 2009 113: 936-944 (Factor XII deficient)

This publication list is not all encompassing, and is only meant to provide limited examples of how Haematologic Technologies' products are used. We encourage you to search the literature for other examples pertinent to your experimentation, and to contact us with any technical questions.