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Assay Services

HTI offers a broad range of assay services to meet your needs from early development through product batch release. Whether you need samples evaluated in a commercially available ELISA or if you need an entirely new assay developed and validated, Haemtech has the resources and expertise that you require. HTI works with Haemtech Biopharma Services (HBS), a division of HTI, to offer the full package of assay development, qualification, validation and implementation. Assays are developed an qualified under ISO conditions at HTI, and then transferred to HBS for validation and use for your patient or drug substance samples. Our focus falls under the following categories: Anti-drug antibody assays (ADA, immunogenicity), Thrombin generation assays for IVIG products and immunoassay development. Please visit our biopharma services site to learn more about what HTI can do for you.

For those companies with existing service Agreements in place please use the sample submission form when sending your samples.