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Immunoassay Development

An immunoassay is used to determine the presence or concentration of an analyte in a matrix through the use of antibody-antigen interactions. By applying, and reading the emission of, a chemically-linked label on either the antibody or antigen one can measure the analyte against a known standard. Immunoassays are useful in a wide range of clinical and research applications as well in manufacturing to identify a contaminant in a biological process or formulation.

What HBS Does For You

If you require assays to detect or measure a specific target molecule in plasma, serum or alternate matrix HBS can develop an immunoassay for that purpose. We can also assist in the development of specific monoclonal antibodies for the assay, and in the purification and characterization of the target antigen. Non-diagnostic immunoassays can be developed and validated to any level of compliance requested.