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Sample Testing

During a clinical study it is necessary to collect data from patient samples using an assay HBS created for you or in a commercially-available kit. Our experienced staff will handle your study proficiently and professionally from the beginning to the end, and all resulting data will be rigorously reviewed by the highly qualified and experienced members of our quality department. You can rely on us to handle your samples and maintain your data in a manner that will ensure you receive results that are accurate, valid and secure and in compliance with cGMP requirements.

Safe and Secure Sample and Data Management


You can rest assured that your samples and data are in good hands for the duration of your study. Our safety program begins with stringent sample reconciliation against the documentation provided by you. After set down, our environmental monitoring system keeps an eye on all storage chambers housing your samples. In the unlikely event of a chamber or power failure back up storage devices and generators are on site. Your data is similarly secured on multiple on-site servers that are maintained in a controlled environment, and with weekly off-site, secure storage of tape back-ups. Data packets are then transferred to you via a dedicated, secure FTP site so there is never a question of integrity.