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Safety Data Sheets

Here you will find data sheets for all of our products in a handy table for ease of access.

Catalog # Name Safety Data Sheet Sample Data Sheet
SN-5 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-7 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-13a 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-17a 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-17c 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-18 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-20 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-45 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-54 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
SN-59 6-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonamide-based (ANSN) fluorogenic substrate
HA2AP-0230 Alpha-2-Plasmin Inhibitor (human)
ABV-5103 Anti-Bovine Factor V
ABV-5104 Anti-Bovine Factor V
ABV-5105 Anti-Bovine Factor V
ABV-5106 Anti-Bovine Factor V
ABV-5107 Anti-Bovine Factor V
ABX-5051 Anti-Bovine Factor X
ABOC-5021 Anti-Bovine Osteocalcin
AHIX-5041 Anti-Human Factor IX
AHV-5101 Anti-Human Factor V
AHV-5102 Anti-Human Factor V antibody
AHV-5108 Anti-Human Factor V antibody
AHV-5110 Anti-Human Factor V antibody
AHV-5112 Anti-Human Factor V antibody
AHV-5146 Anti-Human Factor V antibody
AHVII-5031 Anti-Human Factor VII
AHVIII-5025 Anti-Human Factor VIII
AHX-5050 Anti-Human Factor X
AHXI-5061 Anti-Human Factor XI
AHXII-5155 Anti-Human Factor XII
AON-5031 Anti-Human Osteonectin
AHPC-5071 Anti-Human Protein C
AHPC-5072 Anti-Human Protein C
AHPC-5011 Anti-Human Protein C
AHPS-5091 Anti-Human Protein S
AHPS-5092 Anti-Human Protein S
AHP-5013 Anti-Human Prothrombin
AHTAFI-5024 Anti-Human TAFI
AHTAFI-5026 Anti-Human TAFI
AHTAFI-5081 Anti-Human TAFI
AHT-5020 Anti-Human Thrombin
AHTF-5264 Anti-Human Tissue Factor
AHTFPI-5138 Anti-Human Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor
AMIXA-9041 Anti-Mouse Factor IXA
AMIXA-9042 Anti-Mouse Factor IXA
AMVII-9031 Anti-Mouse Factor VII
AMVIII-9035 Anti-Mouse Factor VIII
AMX-9050 Anti-Mouse Factor X
AMX-9051 Anti-Mouse Factor X
AMPG-9130 Anti-Mouse Plasminogen
AMPC-9071 Anti-Mouse Protein C
AMPC-9072 Anti-Mouse Protein C
AMP-9013 Anti-Mouse Prothrombin
ATIII-ID Antithrombin deficient plasma
BEGRCK-06 Biotinylated EGR-chloromethylketone
BFPRCK-06 Biotinylated FPR-chloromethylketone
BCAPC-1080 Bovine Activated Protein C
BCAPC-DEGR Bovine Activated Protein C - DEGR (active site blocked)
BCT-1020 Bovine alpha-Thrombin
BCT-BFPRCK Bovine alpha-Thrombin, Biotinylated PPACK (FPRck) active site blocked
BCT-DFP Bovine alpha-Thrombin, DFP active site blocked
BCT-FPRCK Bovine alpha-Thrombin, PPACK (FPRck) active site blocked
BOC-3020 Bovine Bone Osteocalcin
BON-3010 Bovine Bone Osteonectin
BCIX-1040 Bovine factor IX
BCIXA-1050 Bovine factor IXa
BCV-1100 Bovine Factor V
BCVA-1110 Bovine Factor Va
BCX-1050 Bovine Factor X
BCXA-1060 Bovine Factor Xa
BCXA-DEGR Bovine Factor Xa, DEGRck active site blocked
BCXA-EGR Bovine Factor Xa, EGRck active site blocked
BCPG-1130 Bovine glu-Plasminogen
BLAC-1200 Bovine Lactadherin
BLAC-FITC Bovine Lactadherin - FITC Labeled
BCPC-1070 Bovine Protein C
BCP-1010 Bovine Prothrombin
PAHFII-BU Burro anti-Human Prothrombin
PAHFIX-C Chicken anti-Human Factor IX
PAHPC-C Chicken anti-Human Protein C
CTI-01 Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CTI)
SCAT-27 CTI vacuum collection tube
DAPA Dansylarginine N-(3-ethyl-1,5-pentanediyl)amide . HCl
ECVVII-2011 Echis Carinatus Prothrombin Activator (Echarin)
EGRCK-01 EGR-chloromethylketone (GGACK)
FIX-ID Factor IX deficient plasma
FV-ID Factor V deficient plasma
FVII-ID Factor VII deficient plasma
FVIII-CD Factor VIII deficient plasma
FX-ID Factor X deficient plasma
FXI-ID Factor XI deficient plasma
FXII-ID Factor XII deficient plasma
FEGRCK-06 Fluorescein EGR-chloromethylketone
FFPRCK-06 Fluorescein FPR-chloromethylketone
FPRCK-01 FPR-chloromethylketone (PPACK)
PAHFV-H Horse anti-Human Factor V
PAHPC-H Horse anti-Human Protein C
ANG-01 Human "Angiostatin"
HCAPC-0080 Human Activated Protein C
HCAPC-DEGR Human Activated Protein C - DEGR (active site blocked)
HCT-0020 Human alpha-Thrombin
HCT-BFPRCK Human alpha-Thrombin, Biotinylated PPACK (FPRck) active site blocked
HCT-DFP Human alpha-Thrombin, DFP active site blocked
HCT-FPRCK Human alpha-Thrombin, PPACK (FPRck) active site blocked
HCATIII-0120 Human Antithrombin III
HCBXA-0061 Human Beta Factor Xa
HCBT-0022 Human Beta Thrombin
B2G1-0001 Human Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1
HBTG-0210 Human Beta-Thromboglobulin
HOC-0302 Human Bone Osteocalcin
HCIX-0040 Human Factor IX
HCIXA-0050 Human Factor IXa
HCIXA-DEGR Human Factor IXa, DEGRck-active site blocked
HCIXA-EGR Human Factor IXa, EGRck-active site blocked
HCV-0100 Human Factor V
HCVA-0110 Human Factor Va
HCVII-0030 Human Factor VII
HCVIIA-0031 Human Factor VIIa
HCX-0050 Human Factor X
HCXA-0060 Human Factor Xa
HCXA-BEGR Human Factor Xa, BEGRck active site blocked
HCXA-DEGR Human Factor Xa, DEGRck active site blocked
HCXA-EGR Human Factor Xa, EGRck active site blocked
HCXI-0150 Human Factor XI
HCXIA-0160 Human Factor XIa
HCXII-0155 Human Factor XII
HCXIII-0160 Human Factor XIII
HCXIIIA-0165 Human Factor XIIIa
HCI-0150D Human Fibrinogen Fragment D
HCI-0150E Human Fibrinogen Fragment E
HCFN-0170 Human Fibronectin
HCGT-0021 Human Gamma Thrombin
HCX-GD Human gla-domainless Factor X
HCXA-GD Human gla-Domainless Factor Xa
HCPG-0130 Human glu-Plasminogen
HCPG-0131 Human glu-Plasminogen CHOI
HCPG-0132 Human glu-Plasminogen CHOII
HCII-0190 Human Heparin Cofactor II
HCPG-0133 Human lys-Plasminogen
HCPM-0140 Human Plasmin
HPF4-0180 Human Platelet Factor 4
HON-0303 Human Platelet Osteonectin
HCP1-0011 Human Prethrombin-1
HCP2-0011 Human Prethrombin-2
HCPC-0070 Human Protein C
HCPS-0090 Human Protein S
HCPZ-0220 Human Protein Z
HCP-0010 Human Prothrombin
HCP1-0010 Human Prothrombin Fragment 1
HCP12-0010 Human Prothrombin Fragment 1.2
HCP2-0010 Human Prothrombin Fragment 2
HCI-0150R Human Research Grade Fibrinogen
HCTP-0200 Human Thrombospondin (TSP-1)
HVN-0230 Human Vitronectin
HCVWF-0190 Human von Willebrand Factor
HCVWF-0191 Human von Willebrand Factor - VIII "Free"
MCT-5020 Mouse alpha-Thrombin
MCATIII-5120 Mouse Antithrombin III
MCX-5050 Mouse Factor X
MCXA-5060 Mouse Factor Xa
MCI-5150 Mouse Fibrinogen
MCPG-5130 Mouse glu-Plasminogen
MCPM-5140 Mouse Plasmin
MCP-5010 Mouse Prothrombin
FII-ID Prothrombin deficient plasma
PAHFVIIA-RAB Rabbit anti-Human Factor VIIa
RABTM-4202 Rabbit Lung Thrombomodulin
RTF-0300 Recombinant Tissue Factor (human, full length)
RVVV-2000 RVV-V Activator
RVVX-2010 RVV-X Activator
PABFV-S Sheep anti-Bovine Factor V
PAHAT-S Sheep anti-Human Antithrombin III
PAHFIX-S Sheep anti-Human Factor IX
PAHFIX-SAP Sheep anti-Human Factor IX Polyclonal Antibody, Affinity Purified
PAHFV-S Sheep anti-Human Factor V
PAHFVA-S Sheep anti-Human Factor Va
PAHFVII-S Sheep anti-Human Factor VII
PAHFVIII-S Sheep anti-Human Factor VIII
PAHFX-S Sheep anti-Human Factor X
PAHFXI-S Sheep anti-Human Factor XI
PAHFXI-SAP Sheep anti-Human Factor XI Polyclonal Antibody, Affinity Purified
PAHFXII-S Sheep anti-Human Factor XII
PAHFXIII-S Sheep anti-Human Factor XIII
PAHCII-S Sheep anti-Human Heparin Cofactor II
PAHPG-S Sheep anti-Human Plasminogen
PAHPC-S Sheep anti-Human Protein C
PAHPS-S Sheep anti-Human Protein S
PAHPZ-S Sheep Anti-Human Protein Z
PAHFII-S Sheep anti-Human Prothrombin
PAHFII-SAP Sheep anti-Human Prothrombin Polyclonal Antibody (Affinity Purified)
PATAFI-S Sheep anti-Human TAFI
PAHT-S Sheep anti-Human Thrombin
PAHTF-S Sheep Anti-Human Tissue Factor
PAHTFPI-S Sheep Anti-Human Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor
PAHVWF-S Sheep Anti-Human von Willebrand Factor
PAMFX-S Sheep Anti-Mouse Factor X
PAMFX-SIA Sheep anti-Mouse Factor X - Immuno Adsorbed
PAMPG-S Sheep Anti-Mouse Plasminogen
PAMPC-S Sheep Anti-Mouse Protein C
PAMFII-S Sheep Anti-Mouse Prothrombin
PARFIX-S Sheep Anti-Rat Factor IX Polyclonal Antibody
TAFI-01 Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (human)